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iPhone 11 Pro Max A2220 dual SIM card capacity 256 GB

• Screen technology: Super Retina
• Photo resolution: 12 megapixels
• Operating system version: iOS 13
• Included items: battery charger
• Size : 6.5

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iPhone 11 Pro Max A2220 dual SIM card capacity 256 GB


Apple had never used the “Pro” extension for its phones before. Years ago, when we heard the word “Pro”, we immediately went to MacBook and iPad, but the release of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max indicates a new narrative for certain phones. On the day of the introduction of the company’s new series of phones, fans of Apple products encountered products that did not change in appearance (except for the change in the number of camera sensors) or even became uglier in the opinion of some. But after the release of these phones to the market, the opinions of users and those interested in information technology have seen many changes. Some called the big brother of the iPhone 11 family, i.e. Pro Max, the best phone in the current market, and others expected much more from the high price of this phone. In this article, we examine Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone as the most luxurious and flashy phone of 2019.

Design and construction; Repeat the successful formula

The design and build quality of both iPhone 11 Pro phones have a profound difference from the iPhone 11. In more expensive phones, the body of the phone is matte, and for this reason, it shows a lot of resistance against fingerprints and stains, and of course, it does not slide easily in the hand. Of course, the first thing you do after buying this phone is to buy a cover that can withstand this expensive phone. In addition, various colors have not been considered for this phone so that the professional and new Apple phone is special in every way. The iPhone 11 Pro Max can withstand up to 4 meters of water for 30 minutes, which is twice as much as the iPhone 11. Apple claims that the glass used in the design and construction of the Promax is the hardest and most resistant glass ever used in a mobile phone. The three lenses on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro have given the phone a rough look. Maybe it doesn’t look so good in the pictures, but up close it gives the phone a satisfactory look. This satisfactory appearance, along with the beautiful body and special color of the phone, will be acceptable for most users.

display and sound; Definitely the best

Maybe once the AMOLED technology was the epitome of the quality of the display, but Apple showed that it is not easy to leave the field with the production of Super Retina displays. But the quality of the screen in the new iPhone does not end only with this first-class display. Apple has generously increased the brightness of this product to about 752 nits. This amount of brightness is a big improvement over the previous iPhone’s 611 nits of brightness. It seems needless to remind you that the Galaxy Note 10 had a brightness of 674 nits, which is practically inferior to Apple’s new professional iPhone. In direct sunlight, this new iPhone is an exemplary performer, standing at the pinnacle of display quality with authority. There is no need to explain about the viewing angle. Therefore, watching videos and movies using the iPhone 11 Pro screen will bring a special and extremely enjoyable experience to the user. Thanks to increasing the dynamic range, everything in the new iPhone D display is summed up as “stunning”.

Camera; A new definition of entertainment

Three camera lenses, smart photography technologies, along with a processor that takes the ability to process images to a new level makes it hard to find fault with iPhone 11 Pro photography. Leaving aside the numbers related to the cameras, the Night Mode in this iPhone brings a wonderful output that has moved the standards of Huawei and Google photography in low light. In photography with this camera, you will have a lot of freedom to take creative pictures. Colors are quite accurate and warm, and details are rendered very well. Portrait photography is still preserved in this phone and gives very beautiful pictures to the user. Of course, low light affects portrait photography and does not deliver as good images to the user. But the filming is also done in the best way you can imagine. The HDR performance of this particular phone’s cameras leaves no room for complaint. Using this option, going from shadow to sunlight or vice versa does not reduce the quality of the final image at all. But maybe you can experience the best mode of filming in a mobile phone in this phone. This perfect filming can be attributed to the perfect image stabilizer of iPhone 11 Pro Max. Filming using this phone brings the feeling of special Hollywood movies to the user. If you use its ultra-wide camera, you will definitely find it hard to give it up.

Function; Fast, fast and faster

Apple chips have always shown good speed. But this high speed has taken on a new color and smell in iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it doesn’t seem like another phone will be able to overtake iPhone 11 Pro Max in the speed race for a long time. To describe this speed, it is enough to know that the time to convert 4K video to Full HD on the fast Galaxy Note 10 phone is almost twice that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max! Whether you’re looking for an augmented reality experience or the smoothest Asphalt experience, the new iPhone will make it a breeze.

battery; Still not the best

First of all, it’s nice to see a new fast charger in the iPhone 11 Pro Max box. This shows that Apple has finally given up on its old simple and slow charger and taken a step forward. If we want to be fair, Apple has seen significant progress in the field of battery in recent years, but it still has a significant gap with other companies. Of course, the battery of the new iPhone will handle an average work day, but it is still far from other flagships of companies like Samsung.

Overview; The best but not the most perfect

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has come a long way to reach the top of the mobile phone world. Of course, this article cannot be recognized at least from its appearance. Matte body and special color are the strengths of this iPhone, but the main update of this phone lies in its cameras. Perfect Image Stabilization creates Hollywood images never before seen on a phone camera. The excellent screen leaves nothing to be said. All modern features such as wireless charging and smart face recognition do not need to be explained. But there is still no news of 5G technology in this phone. In addition to all its advantages, this expensive phone still does not have the possibility to add physical memory, and due to the quality of its cameras, its internal space does not seem to be enough. This shows that Apple is still looking to sell cloud and online space and prefers to continue to earn additional income from new methods. In recent years, photography and filming with mobile phones has become a new industry that has many fans. If you also want to have the best experience in this colorful and fun world, iPhone 11 Pro Max is the professional phone for you.

Additional information

توضیحات تکمیلی


158×77.8×8.1 mm


226 grams

SIM card description

Nano size (8.8 x 12.3 mm)

body structure

Metal and glass (front and back glass frame with a steel frame) with IP68 standard for water resistance (for 30 minutes at a depth of 4 meters) screen with scratch and scratch resistant glass with Oleophobic coating for the screen

Special features

Has a resistant body
Water resistant
Suitable for playing
Suitable for photography
Suitable for selfie photography

SIM card number

two items

Introduction time

September 10, 2019


Apple A13 Bionic (7nm+) Chipset

Central processor

Dual-core Lightning + Quad-core Thunder CPU

CPU frequency

2.65 and 1.8 GHz


Apple GPU (4-core graphics) GPU

internal memory

256 GB

Amount of RAM

Four gigabytes

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