Espresso Ben Mano coffee, Artiman model


  • Package weight : 250 grams
  • Packaging dimensions : 29x9x5 cm
  • Package type : bag


Ben Manu Espresso coffee, Artiman model, weight 250 grams


Features of Artiman Asian Espresso Coffee: 70% of Artiman Espresso coffee beans are Arabica from Latin America and Africa and the other 30% are Robusta from India. The acidity of this coffee is mild and its crema is high. The complex citrus and cocoa flavor of this composition can be felt. – Aroma Keep – a mechanism that prevents the entry of air into the package to ensure the stability of the coffee aroma. – MAP – modified atmosphere packaging in this packaging technology prevents coffee from oxidizing. And the shelf life increases significantly; Therefore, the product remains fresh and fragrant.- Fresh Roast: all the coffee beans are freshly roasted.- Signature Blend: BenMano’s exclusive blend resulting from the participation and consultation of global experts.

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Package weight

250 grams

Packaging dimensions

29x9x5 cm

Package type


Other Details

Packaging: aluminum envelope, MAP-packaging technology: packed in modified atmosphere, HACCP, ISO 2200, ISO 9001, HALLAL certificates, country of manufacture: Kuwait, type and processing, caffeine level: strong, roasting degree: medium-dark, Asian grade: micro variety: blend of Arabica and Robusta Type: Mixed Sensory Characteristics Aroma: 7 Taste: 7 Acidity: 7 Aftertaste: 8 Texture (body): 9 Extraction and Brewing Tools: Mokapot, Espresso Machine


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