CANDY SHELL PRO MagSafe spec cover suitable for Apple iPhone 14 Pro mobile phone

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CANDY SHELL PRO MagSafe model cover spec suitable for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max


The Speck cover of the CANDYSHELL PRO MagSafe model is one of the best and most beautiful resistant and flexible protectors of this great company. Various and attractive colors are used in the design and production of this exceptional product and it also has MICROBAN technology, which means that it reduces the absorption of bacteria by 99%. This product supports wireless charging as well as the Mag Safe function, so you can place the phone on your wireless charger stand with this cover without any problems or enjoy wireless charging by connecting to the Mag Safe charger. . The outer part of the cover is made of soft TPU material, which has a velvety and soft feel, and the inner part is a combination of soft and hard material for more protection. The design of the back cover gives the frame an eye-catching beauty and due to the fact that its surface is matte, it minimizes the possibility of scratching the phone in the hand and leaves less fingerprints. While making the protector more beautiful, this design improves the fit of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the hand and brings an indescribable feeling. Thanks to the engineered design of this cover, impacts are distributed evenly in all protective parts, and as a result, damage caused by impacts to your iPhone 14 Pro Max will be minimized. In addition, due to the two layers of this protector, impacts to the corners are neutralized to an acceptable extent. In general, to put it simply, the Speck CANDYSHELL PRO MagSafe cover can be called a protector with high defensive performance, which will protect your iPhone 14 Pro Max well and prevent it from being damaged, and for you when using your mobile phone. It brings diversity and charm, while it does not detract from the beauty of this phone model. This product was designed in California and produced in China.

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hard plastic
Soft plastic


100 grams

Compatible with mobile phones

Apple iPhone 14 ProMax


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