Cappuccino with cocoa powder multicolor


  • Packaging weight : 2 grams
  • Dimensions of packaging : 1.5 cm


Cappuccino with Cocoa Multi Cafe Powder – 20 School 25 g


One of the most delicious drinks in the world is Cappuccino Multi cafe with chocolate powder in the new packaging. The plenty of foam and the lovely combination of milk that has made this product one of the most beloved classic multitasking drinks. But this is supposed to be more delicious because from now on you can pour the chocolate powder in a small pack with the new Multi Cafe Cappuccino on your Cappuccino cup, and let the pleasant smell of chocolates with you. Take your best and most intimate memories. – Dissolve a pack of cappuccino in a cup of hot water and then pour the cocoa powder over it. – Overall product weight: 1 g – instant – with cocoa powder – instant coffee powder, dairy cream powder, sugar

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Packaging weight

2 grams

Dimensions of packaging

1.5 cm


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