Defense90s Luxar cover



Defense90s model Luxar cover suitable for Apple iPhone 12 Mini


The Defence90s cover is one of Luxar brand’s luxury case series, which, in addition to increasing the strength and beauty of smartphones, adds attractive features that fascinate everyone. The design of this frame is such that after opening the metal part, you can place the phone on the table horizontally or vertically, which is very useful for watching movies or using hands-free. Many frames cannot hold the phone horizontally due to the lack of standard design, which is completely solved in the Luxar frame and it can easily support the weight of the phone in horizontal mode. If you are out of the house, you can open the clip for more safety and comfort and use it as a finger clip, which you will definitely like after using it for a while. This clip has a magnetic property, and you no longer need to stick the annoying stickers of the holders to the phone or frame. The strong magnet on this clip works well and is very practical for magnetic holders. Regarding the resistance of the Defence90s frame, it must be acknowledged that it was able to receive the military standard of fall by testing it from a height of 3 meters, which can bring excellent resistance to your smartphone. The primary material of this frame is a combination of metal, plastic and silicone, it is designed in two layers. For this reason, it does not change color or state during use.

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hard plastic
Soft plastic



Surface coverage

back frame
Front frame
upper edge
bottom edge
left edge
right edge
Button protection


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