Espresso Mix Mix Powder Sharan Energy Bomb


  • Package type : A valve envelope
  • Suitable for the device : Espressozer, molecape




Espresso Mix Powder Energy Bomb – 250 g

Peshodad Seed Company (Brand and Novoj Brand) is a major importer of green coffee and products directly from the countries of origin. This is very important in the quality and freshness of coffee and composite processing. Energy Bomb Coffee is one of the most popular and unique products of Gostar Sharan Coffee Factory. This coffee is made from a combination of different fresh beads with specific ratios (20% Arabica – 80% Runter). The acidity of this product is quite mild. And it has excellent cream and extremely heavy wind. The combined coffee of the Sharan bomb is strong because of its high caffeine levels. The amount of torture of this product is medium. All Sharan products are equipped with three -layer valve aluminum packaging (one -way coffee gas discharge valve).


Additional information



Packaging weight

2 grams

Dimensions of packaging


Health license number


Package type

A valve envelope

Suitable for the device

Espresso maker



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