Lenovo bluetooth handsfree


  • Phone type : two phones
  • Interfaces : Bluetooth
  • Resistance capabilities : Impact resistant


Lenovo bluetooth handsfree HANGING HEADPHONE model


Lenovo company is one of the most reliable and well-known companies active in the field of electrical appliances and technology, many of its products are sold in our country. Bluetooth handsfree hanging h is a product of this company and is designed to be around the neck and sports. The two series of this product are connected by a silicone wire and this makes it easy to stay on your neck. The handle of this product is designed in such a way that it allows the user to easily change it to any state he wants. Lenovo hanging headphone hands-free series are designed in the phone and have an angle of 45 degrees and have silicone series to fit easily in the ear and are designed exactly based on the ergonomics of the ear so that the user can listen to the ear in the most comfortable way possible. Give music to pay. As mentioned, the series of this product has an angle of 45 degrees, which makes the handsfree to be placed inside the user’s ear without any disturbance and never to be separated from the ear. On the body of the HE05x handsfree, there is a control part that includes 3 physical keys and their task is to change the music and volume, manage calls and play and stop the song, without the need for a playback source (for example: the phone itself). Done. One of the points where you can see the accuracy of Lenovo company is the two series of this product, because it has placed a thicker part on both ends to maintain the balance of this product, and the relative form of the hands-free helps you to use without Move and tilt hands-free to one side, use it. One of today’s concerns is the theft of the mobile phone during a conversation. Using this product, you can safely have a pleasant conversation while the phone is in your pocket. An HD microphone is used in the design of this handsfree, which allows the user to experience a clear and noise-free conversation. Lenovo Hanging bluetooth handsfree has an internal battery that is fully charged in 2 hours and after that it can be with you for 8 hours for music and conversation and of course it should be mentioned that this time for It’s time to listen to music at 50% volume.

Additional information

Items with headphones

does not have

Phone type

two phones

Communication ports


Connection type


Other Features

Hours of battery life when playing music, volume and call control buttons on the headphones, using Bluetooth version 5, waterproof with IPX5 standard, magnetic series


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