Lens Wing Magnetic Nilkin cover1

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Nilkin Lens Wing Magnetic cover suitable for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max mobile phone


Nilkin Lens Wing Magnetic cover has a precise design suitable for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max mobile phone. The outer body of this frame is made of environmentally friendly silicone material. This feature is effective both in the resistance of the outer layer of the frame against impacts and in the softness of the inner cover of the frame. Also, when you hold this frame, the material of its body gives you a good feeling and you can hold your mobile phone for a long time without any discomfort. One of the most important features designed for this model of Nilkin frames, i.e. Lens Wing Magnetic, is its camera lens protector. The edges of the frame in the camera part are designed to provide the best protection. Also, a metal protector is placed on this prominent edge, which is placed in the form of a wing in the form of a door, so that you can use it as a stand in addition to a full protection of the mobile phone camera. This metal lens protector allows you to place it at your desired angle to watch movies or series on your mobile phone or read books or articles. In addition to all these features that make this frame model one of the best choices for the iPhone 14 Pro Max mobile phone, this frame also supports Magsafe wireless charging technology and you can charge your mobile phone even with the frame. Simply charge wirelessly. This means that the frame will not interfere with the process of charging your mobile phone wirelessly.

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35 grams

Compatible with mobile phones Apple iPhone 14 ProMax

Apple iPhone 14 ProMax


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