Luxar Silca model cover



Luxar Silca cover suitable for Samsung Galaxy A72 4G / A72 5G mobile phone


Silca from the Luxar brand is a high-quality frame that will not change shape or deform in the long run. This frame will have a fixed color using Grade A+ raw materials, which is a combination of TPU and Silicone, most of which is made of TPU to avoid deformation. One of the important features of this Silca Luxar is having military standard approvals for falling from a height of 3 meters. As it is clear in the pictures and video of the product, this case has a 360 degree protection from all parts of the phone. And with the protrusions around the phone lens as well as the screen, it prevents direct proof. The main purpose of making this frame is elegance and classic design along with maximum protection. Also, as shown in the video, this frame is a fireproof cover and has a very high heat capacity. All these features, along with the affordable price, have made this frame one of the best-selling Luxar frames in the world.


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