Multi Coco hot chocolate




Hot Chocolate Multi Coco – 24 School 27 grams


Hot chocolate multicocco (the same multi -cafe) contains cocoa mixture, improved and lubricant, white sugar and authorized vanilla flavoring. One of the most popular hot chocolate beverages is hot chocolate, which has a lot of fans of the whole age group. You can eat Hot Chuckle at any time of the day and enjoy its unnecessary benefits. This chocolate drink is a useful alternative to tea or coffee, especially if you are not a fan of coffee. This drink is ready and packaged these days and you can enjoy and enjoy this drink in less than 1 minute by opening a pack containing hot chucklet powder. In the past, this drink was made with pure chocolate and usually had a bitter taste, but today it is also sweet and more enthusiasts. This drink can also be made at home, but this is time consuming and not suitable for busy people.

Additional information



Packaging weight

2 grams

Dimensions of packaging

1.5×2 cm

Health license number


Other Details

Compounds: Cocoa powder, chocolate base powder, white sugar, lean milk milk, dextrose, authorized vanilla flavoring. The product contains milk. Contains 2 hot chuckles


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