SPC model samurai cover



SPC model samurai cover suitable for Apple iPhone 13 / iPhone 14


Apple iPhone 13 series Shock Proof Case is a simple protection that protects your phone from shocks and falls without any glitter. The cover of the frame is completely smooth and uniform and conveys a pleasant feeling to the user while working with the phone. The surface and material of the cover is made of high-quality and relatively soft plastic, which easily fits the phone inside the cover, and you will not have any restrictions on working with the camera, ports and buttons. The structure of this frame consists of two linked parts. The first part is the main body of the frame, which covers the back of the phone with its transparent surface and protects your phone from possible scratches and bumps. The second part is a bumper that covers the phone by creating a thicker layer and keeps it safe from falls and strong impacts.

Additional information


hard plastic


50 grams

Compatible with mobile phones

Apple iphone 13


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