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AirPods New Generation



• Items with headphones: Manual / charger cable
Phone type: two phones
Headphone battery life in conversation mode : up to 3 hours
Headphone battery life in music playback mode: up to 5 hours
Battery life of the charging compartment:  up to 24 hours

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AirPods New Generation


As the name “AirPods New Generation” suggests, this product is the new generation of wireless Apple AirPods. This series of Apple headphones, which are always known for their unique design and the name AirPods, are Togoshi type and provide users with high bass and power. In the iPhone 7 and other products after that, the 3.5 mm audio jack, which was an analog connector, was removed. The removal of this port was associated with changing the type of connection and making AirPods wireless. The design of the earphones of this headphone has not changed much compared to its previous generation, and it is still as comfortable and powerful as the previous generation. This headphone has two separate earphones, each of which is placed in one of the ears. The ergonomic design of this product has made you feel no fatigue or pain in your ear area when using it for a long time. When you hold AirPods for the first time, you will be faced with a white box that opens the door to reveal the headphones. In addition to keeping the product, this white box is also responsible for charging it; In addition, as soon as you open the cover, your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch will be in search mode for headphones and connection. This headphone can play music for up to 5 hours with just one charge. If you are planning to buy a professional product for listening to music or making phone calls, this New Generation AirPods will be a good choice that will bring you the experience of the wireless world. It should be mentioned that this product is equipped with the new Apple H1 chipset and with optical sensors and accelerometer, it brings a new experience of using Apple AirPods for the user. This product does not have the possibility of wireless charging. It should be mentioned that this Airpod is also known as MV7N2 and MR8U2 and as AirPods 2.1.

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Items with headphones

Manual / charger cable

Phone type

two phones

Headphone battery life in conversation mode

up to 3 hours

Headphone battery life in music playback mode

up to 5 hours

Battery life of the charging compartment

up to 24 hours

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