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QCY T13 TWS bluetooth headphones



• Phone type: two phones
• Interfaces: Bluetooth
• Resistance capabilities: Resistance to moisture and sweat

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QCY T13 TWS bluetooth headphones


QCY bluetooth handsfree uses attractive in-ear design. Its 7.2 mm dynamic driver produces clear and exciting sound, and the Bluetooth 5.1 module enables fast and stable connection. The microphones of these headphones are equipped with noise canceling technology and provide you with a clear and high-quality conversation. The hands-free battery and the case offer a total of 40 hours of charging to the user. The QCY T13 wireless handsfree uses an in-ear design and is available in two colors, white and black. Xiaomi has followed the principles of ergonomics in the design of this headset, and the angle between the head and the base of the headset makes it fit better in the ear. There are two golden pins on the base of the handsfree which are used to charge the battery. In addition, the design of the charging case of this handsfree is inspired by space capsules, and we see soft lines and a modern and attractive design language. QCY has used a battery with a capacity of 380 mAh for the charging compartment in the T13 handsfree, which can charge up to 30 hours. Also, AirPods have different functions in different modes, for example, it can charge up to 8 hours in sound playback mode and up to 5 hours in conversation mode. In addition, you will be able to use this product for 60 minutes with only 5 minutes of charging. This product is easily connected to most smart devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops. QCY T13 bluetooth hands-free is considered an economic and very high-quality choice with satisfactory features in its price category, which will be worth buying.

Additional information

توضیحات تکمیلی

Items with headphones

Type-C charger cable / manual / three ear plugs in different sizes made of silicone

Driver diameter

7.2 mm

Headphone power supply


Headphone, headset and hands-free capabilities

LED indicator

Performance range

10 meters

Acoustic type


Headphone battery life in conversation mode

5 hours

Headphone battery life in music playback mode

8 hours

Headphone battery life in standby mode

80 hours

Battery life of the charging compartment

up to 25 hours


20 grams

Bluetooth version


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